Sardo's Mobile Road Crew:


Sardo's 100 year anniversary

Get Expert Installation At Your Location From One of Our Mobile Road Crews

Experience & Expertise

For two decades SARDO Upholstery has made our expertly trained installation teams available to customers requiring upholstery products.

This time saving and economical service is scheduled at your convenience to minimize vehicle and facility downtime. Cost for this professional and guaranteed service is dependent on overall project size and always results in high customer satisfaction. Each Team is composed of expertly trained installation/restoration specialists, averaging over five years of experience. Each Team is equipped with all necessary tools and supplies for a job well done the first time.

  • Installation/Replacement/Refurbishment of Spectator Seating
  • Driver Seat Covers (w/Foam Replacement)
  • Passenger Seating/Covers/Foam
  • Flooring Replacement
  • Interior Modifications
  • Luggage Racks, Lighting, Restroom Removal
  • Vehicle/Facility Cleaning & Detailing
SARDO guarantees our workmanship, products and your satisfaction.

When experience is important, when knowledge is key, and quality workmanship is demanded, the company always up to the challenge, Sardo Bus & Coach Upholstery.

Our Link To You

The Sardo Road Crews are our direct link to our customers. Time and time again, customers have not been able to comment enough on the Crew’s hard work ethic, their dedication to getting the job done efficiently and effectively, and their commitment to meeting all interior demands.

Our Mobile Road Crews are our Pride!